If you think driving around in your car provides you with feelings of freedom, that’s no comparison to the soaring feeling you experience while riding on your motorcycle. With the sun on your face, wind ruffling through your hair, and miles of road ahead of you, being a motorcycle-owner means you can just jump on your bike and experience euphoria as you sail through the streets. Knowing that such adrenaline-inducing fun is parked in your garage is enough to make you stop all that you’re doing just to go on a ride, which is why it is particularly devastating to bike owners when they misplace their motorcycle keys, or find that their bike just won’t start. Finding yourself in need of motorcycle locksmith services used to mean astronomical towing prices as well as costly service fees on top. Thanks to Etobicoke motorcycle locksmith, those issues are a thing of the past. Our mobile motorcycle locksmith can come out to you to perform a wide range of extensive motorcycle services on site. You’ll never have to worry about towing or waiting for days to get the service you need. Just give Etobicoke Lock and Safe and we’ll have someone on the scene to assist you in no time at all!


There’s not many locksmith companies in Etobicoke that are able to tackle the difficulties that accompany getting a motorcycle locksmith service completed. At Etobicoke locksmith we have a team of motorcycle locksmith experts that have completed thorough training to prepare them for any obstacles or difficulties they may encounter while out in the field. Through hours of training  and practice they have become able to execute motorcycle locksmith services in their sleep! You always want to be sure that you’re calling a dependable, professional company to resolve your motorcycle lock and key issues. If you call an ill-qualified company out to assist you, you risk receiving subpar work that can lead to malfunctions with your bike and costly service repairs. When you call locksmith in Etobicoke you can be sure that we’re going to get the job done the right way, the first time. We have all the tools and equipment needed to perform quality, long-lasting motorcycle locksmith services. There’s nothing worse than calling a company out and expecting them to complete a service, just to find out that they aren’t even qualified to complete the job. Send them packing and call locksmith in Etobicoke, you’ll never run into that issue with us! Etobicoke Locksmith offers 24/7 emergency motorcycle locksmith services to the residents of Etobicoke and the surrounding areas.


  • Motorcycle Ignition Key Replacement
  • Gas Cap Key Fabrication In Etobicoke
  • Motorcycle Ignition Change
  • Gas Cap Removal and Replacement
  • Motorcycle Duplicate Key Services In Etobicoke
  • Brake Lock Removal and Replacement
  • And Countless Others!


If your motorcycle is your primary source of transportation then it can be extremely frustrating to come out one day and find that your bike will not start. If you ever run into that unfortunate situation, then be sure to call Etobicoke motorcycle locksmith! Our motorcycle locksmith experts are available 24/7, eagerly awaiting your call. We know that your motorcycle is important to you and you want to get it back on the road as quickly as possible. To help you in doing just that, our mobile technicians promise a lightning-fast response time of as little as 20 minutes from the time you call to alert us of your motorcycle woes. One quick call to Etobicoke Lock and Safe, and you’ll easily be able to see why we’re the reigning motorcycle locksmith in the area.